Ludington resident defrauded ‘significant amount of money’ by someone posing as a police officer.

September 17, 2021

Ludington resident defrauded ‘significant amount of money’ by someone posing as a police officer. 

LUDINGTON — The Ludington Police Department received a complaint Thursday, Sept. 16, from a Ludington resident who was “defrauded a significant amount of money from someone posing as a law enforcement official,” according to Cpt. Steve Wietrzykowski.

“This is a reminder: no law enforcement agency will ever request, or demand, payment over the phone,” said Cpt. Wietrzykowski. “Also, there is no legitimate business that will call, email or text asking for payments in lieu of taking civil action against you.

“If you receive such a phone call, email, or text, ask for more information, ask for a call back number, or ask to talk to their supervisor. These callers will sometimes get verbally abusive and threatening when challenged. These are fraudulent. Call your local police department, and they will give you direction on the validity of the call, email, letter or text. If you are the victim of fraud, please call the Ludington Police Department or the Mason County Sheriff to make a report.

“As always, do not give out personal information over the phone or internet except in cases where you are the initiator of the call — personal bank, credit card company, utility company.

“Always compare the number the caller gives you to the number of the actual agency they are claiming to be from. Even then, call the actual agency they claim to be from to verify the call as some phone devices exist to fool call recipients into thinking they are receiving a ‘local’ call. The practice of using a deceptive phone number is also known as ‘spoofing.'”


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