Schedule a tour of the Sports Hall of Fame.

April 18, 2021

Vic Burwell talks about the displays at the sports hall of fame.

Schedule a tour of the Sports Hall of Fame.

By Vic Burwell, President, Mason County Sports Hall of Fame

In July of 2020, the Mason County Sports Hall of Fame introduced the rebranding of their vision for the Hall of Fame with the $141,000 renovation at Historic White Pine Village, of “Beyond the game:  The Value of Sports.”

Since its inception in January of 2004, and the first induction class in June 2005, the mission of the organization that is a not-for-profit educational institution dedicated to recognizing and honoring by enshrinement, those individuals and teams that have achieved outstanding achievement in the Mason County area.   In addition, the vision of the MCSHOF is to education and enhance the importance that athletics play in teaching the life lessons so necessary for the foundation of a satisfying life beyond the game.

The true importance of sports is not just winning but is the development of key foundational lessons that are paramount to a satisfying life after the game.  Some of these life lessons are:  Learning respect; understanding teamwork; the importance of perseverance and dedication; what it takes to be a leader; and overcoming adversity.  In addition, there are many critical values that are realized from athletic competition, such as:  preparing to be the best you can be, practice to win, developing a contagious character, its ok to fail, continuous improvement, discipline, understanding your role on the team, and the list of values is endless.

The MCSHOF would like to invite area coaches (elementary, middle school, high school, recreation summer programs), parents, and athletes to reach out to the MCSHOF and arrange a personal tour of this state-of-the-art venue created by Valerie VanHeest, creative consultant, entitled “Beyond the Game:  The Value of Sports” at Historic White Pine Village.  Let your team members, and athletes experience directly, from a Hall of Fame Inductee, the life lessons and true values that are realized from participation in athletics, at any level, any age, and any gender, regardless of sport.

Hear what Roger Staubach and Jeff Barnett (Mason County Central alumni) have to say about leadership!  What Detroit Tiger Armando Galarraga (who lost a “perfect game” due to a bad call at first base), and Jeanne “Cole” Miller (Mason County Eastern alumni) stress about respect for the game.  Serna Williams and Olympic athlete Matt Hughes (Ludington High School alumni) of the importance of perseverance.  Jim Abbott and Susan MacDonald (LHS alumni) explain how athletics help them realize that you can overcome adversity.  Along with many other areas of the importance of sports.

Have some fun with the interactive displays on importance of grip strength in sports and reactions time.  See the photo wall of athletes who come in ALL sizes and shapes, so do not think you are not physically capable, and take a selfie with a professional.

So much to see and do at the “Beyond the Game:  The Value of Sports” at Historic White Pine Village.  What an exciting way to reinforce the Value of Sports and establish a positive player attitude.

To schedule a personal tour for your team or family, call HWPV at 231-843-4808, or email;

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