Promise scholarship program makes changes.

September 12, 2020

Promise scholarship program makes changes.

VICTORY TOWNSHIP — Seventy-five students from Mason County high schools’ 2020 graduating class are enrolled at West Shore Community College under the Mason County Promise scholarship. This year, new Promise scholars will be offered support through student success programming, including Scholar Meetup sessions and guidance devoted to strategies that build academic strengths.  

New, returning and future Promise Scholars will also see other changes. On August 10, the Mason County Promise Zone Authority Board approved a development plan amendment for a more inclusive definition of Mason County high schools which includes ASM Tech, local public school academy programs, and Lighthouse Baptist Academy. A second amendment increased the number of total attempted credits that the scholarship covers from 60 to 72. This means that starting the fall after graduation, a Promise scholar at WSCC will be able to attempt 72 credits which could be covered on a “middle dollar” basis by the Mason County Promise Scholarship. The change will allow more Mason County students to complete their entire program at WSCC. The Michigan Department of Treasury officially approved this Mason County Promise Zone 2020 Amended Development Plan on Thursday, September 10.

This year’s high school seniors can begin applying on Oct. 1, after their financial aid application is completed.  The Promise application is required for any Mason County student who plans to attend WSCC and use the scholarship. Seniors are encouraged to complete their FAFSA, their Michigan Student Aid portal profile, and their Promise application before March 1.

Promise Zone coordinator, Jody Maloney, will offer virtual sessions to learn about the Promise for seniors and their families starting in October as a part of college month. Related information will be distributed through area schools.  Mason County residents who completed their GED in 2018 or after are also invited to apply for the Promise scholarship. Learn about the sessions, scholarship requirements, and more at the Mason County Promise website, and on Promise social media, or call 231-239-8224 for information.

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