Scottville voters approve charter amendment.

May 5, 2020

Scottville voters approve charter amendment.

SCOTTVILLE — Voters approved an amendment to the city’s charter to consolidate the two wards into one during Tuesday’s election. The measure passed 117 to 24. The election had a small turnout of 141 out of 1,013 of registered voters, 14%.

Currently, the city is divided into two wards, the first ward is west of Main Street and the second ward is east of Main Street. Each ward is represented by two city commissioners, meaning only one side of the city elects those particular commissioners. The remaining three city commissioners are at-large, meaning they are elected by the entire voting population of the city. With the passage of the proposal, all the city commissioners will be at-large and will be elected by the entire voting population.

Reducing the city’s wards will also reduce election costs by cutting the number of workers required in half.



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