Home Tips: Five simple chalkboard paint projects.

April 20, 2020

Home Tips: Five simple chalkboard paint projects.

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Chalkboards are not just for the classroom. Use chalkboard paint to decorate your home with these five simple DIY projects.

GET ORGANIZED USING CHALKBOARD LABELS Use chalkboard paint to label just about anything. The possibilities are limitless, but some of our favorite ideas include: labeling Mason Jars for beauty accessory storage, labeling food storage boxes to create the ultimate organized kitchen, labeling spices in a spice rack, and labeling file drawers, cabinet doors, and dresser drawers to easily identify the contents. Make entertaining a breeze by painting labels on wine glasses, pitchers, cheese trays, coasters, and table runners (no more forgetting whose glass is whose). Paint the outside of shelves in a bookcase to organize books alphabetically by author, title, or genre or take it outside by using chalkboard paint to make garden tags and garden pot labels.

MAKE A FORGET-ME-NOT STATION BY THE FRONT DOOR Write out helpful reminders like “Pick up the kids at three!” “Don’t forget your keys!” and more. We can’t promise that you’ll never forget anything again, but this will certainly help!

PAINT ROOMS You can use chalkboard paint to paint any room of the house, but we recommend using it for kid’s rooms, home offices, and kitchens. How many times have you heard parents tell their children not to draw on the walls? Chalkboard paint gives kids a large canvas in their own space – your son or daughter might be the next Rembrandt! Use chalkboard paint in a home office to make a calendar, a to-do-list, and a brainstorm board. Use kitchen walls to display a menu, shopping list, or your favorite recipes.

PAINT STAIRCASES Make a statement by painting your staircase. Use the chalk space to make note of your favorite quotes, mantras, and reminders.

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