Beyond the game:  The value of sports!

April 4, 2020

Beyond the game:  The value of sports!

Submitted by the Mason County Sports Hall of Fame.

Welcome to the first edition of a new column provided by the Mason County Sports Hall of Fame (MCSHF) Board of Directors.  

The MCSHF is a non-profit educational institution established in February of 2004, by legendary sports-writer, Lloyd Wallace Jr., and current hall president Vic Burwell.  

The mission of the MCSHF is dedicated to honoring those that have made outstanding contributions to Mason County’s rich athletic heritage.  The vision of the hall is to recognize outstanding athletes/contributors, preserve legacies, build life lessons, and bring value to our communities in unique ways. To date 94 coaches, teams, athletes, and contributors, have been inducted while 37 scholarships have been awarded to Mason County high school student athletes. 

The primary goal of the 24-member board is to select from the hundreds of biographies those candidates most deserving of induction.  In the fall of each year, board members review all bios, examine preferences, and listen carefully to other board members advocate for their favorites.   All of our candidates and past inductees are rooted in Mason County. 

The selection process is engaging, animated and at times arduous.  The selection variables are many, and the vetting process utilized is well established, and grounded in consistent metrics of sports achievement.  The ultimate objective each year is to select the right candidate at the right time. The process of selection for induction takes place each fall over a six-week period.   Two thirds support is required for a candidate to be elected. Each year constructive feedback is shared and used to improve our future selection performance. 

 If you are aware of someone you feel merits consideration for induction into the MCSHF, please go to; and complete the “Nomination Form” for submission to the MCSHF.

A special thanks to everyone in our communities who have supported the MCSHF and contributed to its success during the last 15 years.  Hundreds of people have contributed financially, attended annual inductions and submitted biographies on potential inductees. Thanks to you, our foundation is strong and the future is promising.

Also, let us not forget the hundreds of parents and coaches in our communities that volunteer their time, effort and knowledge to our future inductees.  These are the unsung heroes that begin building a foundation of sports values that our children carry with them throughout their lives. Mason County is fortunate to have so many selfless volunteers willing to share their skills, values, and experiences with our youth. 

The MCSHF continues to search for new sports related community initiatives and opportunities that focus on youth.  Stay tuned for future updates and feel free to share with us your ideas and/or constructive feedback via email to;    


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