FiveCAP modifies but continues services to community

April 1, 2020

FiveCAP modifies but continues services to community

SCOTTVILLE — FiveCAP has announced that its offices will remain open during the COVID-19 pandemic. Extra precautions are being taken to keep common areas and offices clean and sanitized. There is a limit to three clients allowed in the reception area at one time, keeping a 6 feet distance when in personal contact. 

      County community support workers are making calls regularly to vulnerable clients (i.e. seniors, shut-in families without transportation) to check on their well-being and needs. 

      To avoid face-to-face contact, applications for Emergency Food Pantry, Emergency Utilities, and Weatherization will be taken by phone, with required documentation dropped off and signatures obtained later. Weatherization services are suspended until after April 5. 

      Requests for Emergency Shelter assistance will be referred to MDHHS or other community providers. 

      Food Distributions scheduled for April 8, 2020 (CSFP – Seniors) and June 4, 2020 (TEFAP – Families) will continue with the following modifications: Names on sign-in sheet will be checked off by volunteers, in place of client signature. Food will be pre-packaged and delivered to the client’s vechile. Volunteers and staff will sanitize hands often, avoiding physical contact of less than 6 feet with clients / persons. 

      Tax preparation appointments have been suspended until after April 5.

      Head Start Centers are closed to children until April 6.. Center staff are reporting to work and maintain contact with families. Teachers are sending Focus Activities and toothbrush bags home to parents. 

      Early Head Start home visits are continuing with an abundance of cautions. Home visitors are calling ahead to inquire of any illness, fever, coughing, or vomiting. Home visits are being held unless family requests suspending visits for a while. Group socialization activities have been suspended until further notice.

      Board of Directors meetings will be held by teleconference until further notice, and will be held in compliance with the Open Meetings Act. 

      If you would like to apply for services or have any questions, please contact your county FiveCAP, Inc. office or call the Scottville Main Office at (231) 757-3785. Information on programs and services is also available on our website