Mason County courts closed to public. 

March 16, 2020

Mason County courts closed to public. 

LUDINGTON — Mason County courts will be closed to the public, except for essential services, until Monday, April 6. 

  • All non-essential matters will be adjourned.
  • Measures will be taken, when possible, to use video or telephonic communications for essential hearings. 
  • Please contact the court in which your hearing is being held if you have questions about upcoming hearings:

Circuit Court: 231-845-0516

District Court: 231-843-4130

Probate Court: 231-843-8666

Juvenile Court: 231-845-1213

Friend of the Court:       231:843-4791

These conditions may change, based upon recommendations or orders received by federal state or local authorities.  If that happens, further public notices will be issued.


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