The Makers: Empowering others through woodturning.

January 25, 2020

The Makers: Empowering others through woodturning.

The Makers Series is a presentation of Preferred Credit Union.


By Katie Provenzano, MCP correspondant

CUSTER TOWNSHIP  — For Norman Letsinger, woodturning has been a lifelong hobby. He never sells his finished pieces but instead gives them away as gifts to loved ones or donations to charity organizations. During a mission trip to Haiti, Norman wanted to empower the young men and women to sell handmade items by learning how to turn wood. Teaching it required a lathe that could be built and repaired using materials available in Haiti. Additionally, the lathe had to run manually because electricity may not be available. Repurposing parts from bicycles, Norman created a foot powered lathe and a business opportunity for the Haiti community.  Visit to learn more about the Haiti education and community development efforts made by Resource Haiti. 

“Maker” the word according to Merriam-Webster means, “one who makes” and according to Urban Dictionary, “those who love to create things in their spare time.”

Mason County Press is looking around the local areas to find those who consider themselves Makers. Whether they make things for a living or as a hobby, we will uncover many who have a passion for creating things with their hands and sharing those items with the world. Contact Rob Alway at

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