Home Tips: 10 bedroom tips that may improve your sleep.

January 20, 2020

Home Tips: 10 bedroom tips that may improve your sleep.

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Are you up all night after being up all day? You’re not alone. You may have tried counting sheep, but have you thought about changing your environment? These simple changes may improve your quality of sleep and help you recharge for the next day.

Block out light

Sunrises are beautiful, but that early morning sunlight can wake you up before your alarm does. Choose thick, dark curtains so your bedroom can remain in optimal sleeping conditions until you’re ready to rise and shine.

Keep noise to a minimum

While you can’t always control sounds outside of your home, try to decrease the volume inside. A thick area rug may muffle noise. If someone in the family likes watching television late at night, consider buying cordless headphones.

Get rid of distractions

Ban electronics from your bedroom. This means TVs, computers, and cellphones should reside somewhere else. Buy an alarm clock and switch to traditional books. Technology stimulates the brain, making it more difficult to relax when it’s time to sleep.

Avoid blue light

Blue light, such as the light from electronics and fluorescent lighting, has been known to disrupt your circadian rhythms — another reason why cell phones shouldn’t be in your room. Eliminate blue light even further by replacing your lights with warm, yellow colored lights.

Find storage elsewhere

Experts say a bed should be elevated so that the space underneath it is available for air circulation. So if sleeping better is your goal, don’t use under-the-bed storage. Find a different spot to stash stuff.

Stick to cool paint colors

Cooler shades such as blue, green, purple, and grey, are known to reduce heart rates and slow respiration. Because of their physically calming capabilities, they may be the best choice of color to choose for your bedroom.

Pick a perfect pillow

Believe it or not, pillows are not “one size fits all.” Your sleep position should determine your pillow firmness. Are you allergic to something in your current pillow? Consider a hypoallergenic one. Spend some time researching the right pillow for you.

Buy your dog a bed

Your dog may be your best friend, but that doesn’t mean you two have to share everything. Give your buddy his own bed so he’s comfortable even when he’s not in yours. You might find that having your own space improves your sleep.

Keep your cool

Having just a little bit of air circulating through the room at night may improve air quality (and sleep). Open a window or use a fan or air conditioner.

Embrace Feng Shui

Bringing Feng Shui into your home may bring calmness and serenity, both of which may help you relax into a deep sleep.

Start with some of these tips today and you may catch more zzz’s with ease.

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