Effort underway for 2020 Community Prayer and Fasting.

December 30, 2019

Effort underway for 2020 Community Prayer and Fasting.

LUDINGTON — An effort is underway to begin 21 days of Community Prayer and Fasting for 2020 with the hope of joining together local church-goers.

“We are so excited for this,” said Pastor Henrik Lidman of Prayer & Praise Assembly of God. “In 2020, rather than organizing various prayer meetings and locations we decided to equip people to pray in the place where they usually pray. By doing so, we will be activating the prayer closets within our community in a powerful way. We will also be providing a devotional that contains a prayer target for each day that will help those throughout their personal journey with the Lord.”

Lidman said those participating can also get inspiration through a social media campaign that will feature various people from west Michigan who will offer prayer requests.

“Each prayer target will be introduced with a video which will be posted on the 2020 Community Prayer & Fasting Facebook page. In these videos you will meet these people who each have a heart for that specific prayer target. For example, when our prayer target is for our local schools the video will introduce you to a local teacher explaining the needs and concerns in our school districts to be prayerful about in 2020. Some are very specific and others are designed to encourage people as they pray and fast for these 21 days. But we are so honored to have each and everyone of them joining us as we engage the community in prayer.”

Henrik said one of the hopes of the campaign is to bring unity to the community.

“With 2020 being an election year, it has the potential to be year of disunity in our country,” he said. “This is a year where division and hatred tend to capture headlines rather than unity and love. Therefore it is so important for us to begin the year with prayer and fasting. The exciting thing about this prayer campaign is that anyone, no matter where they are in their journey with the Lord can join and be a part. Some people may want to do a full fast and others will just simply listen to the prayer targets online and pray on their way to work. Both are valuable and needed, the greatest importance is that we all join together to pray for the same topic on the same day.”

To find out more information, download a prayer journal here.

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