Leave A Print in the Sand campaign raises funds for lighthouses. 

December 11, 2019

Leave A Print in the Sand campaign raises funds for lighthouses. 

HAMLIN TOWNSHIP — The Sable Points Lighthouse Keepers Association’s Leave A Print in the Sand campaign has raised over $36,000 to date to help preserve the area’s lighthouses. The campaign, that started in 2014, asks for donors to purchase custom walkway boards that make up a walkway around Big Sable Point Lighthouse, a connecting walkway to the gift trailer at Little Sable Point Lighthouse, and part of the wheelchair ramp to the keeper’s workshop at White River Light Station. 

Some of the inscriptions on the walkway around Big Sable Point include: “Love ya to the moon and back, Christy Graves-Gavagan,” “Julia’s Journey on the Road to a New Life 5-2-14,” “We made it DAD! CJ, Joe, Beth, Tony & Kids,” “Let your Light Shine, Marv and Donna Helder.” 

The Capital Campaign Funds are on deposit at the Community Foundation for Mason County. A total of 585 boards at Big Sable, 64 at Little Sable and 20 at the White River Light Station have been donated and installed around the lights.

“Purchasing a personalized walkway board is a fun way to contribute to the preservation of our lighthouses,” said Peter Manting, executive director of SPLKA. 

The cost of an engraved board is $100. Each board can be engraved with up to 25 characters on a line, including commas and spaces, with a two-line maximum.  

Manting suggested that the walkway board would make a great Christmas gift.

Brochures are available for downloading and printing on SPLKA’s website or by calling the SPLKA office at 231-845-7417. 


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