4-H honors volunteers

December 9, 2019

Lucy Ann Knizacky, left, was one of the many volunteers honored. Submitted photo.

4-H honors volunteers

PERE MARQUETTE TOWNSHIP — Mason County 4-H held its Volunteer Recognition Bash Saturday evening. 

Honorees for the 2018-2019 4-H year were nominated by their fellow 4-Hers (fellow volunteers, youth participants, and 4-H parents).

Special recognition was given to Donna and Ken Miszewski of Shea Farms who have been a staple of the Western Michigan Fair for many years. The Miszewskis received the distinction of reaching 25 years of buying Mason County 4-H Animals and products at the fair.  

“For many, the market livestock auction is the culmination of their 4-H livestock projects and Donna and Ken have been there to see to it that our 4-Hers are rewarded for their efforts,” said Aaron Myers, Michigan State University Extension 4-H coordinator.

The Friend of 4-H Award was given to Mason County Treasurer Andrew Kmetz IV and the Mason County Treasurer’s Office. 

“For many in the county, the calendar turning to October means one thing, time to get a new Mason County Plat Book,” Myers said. “What many may not know is that for every plat book that is purchased, that money is going towards the 4-H program and our efforts to support our youth; but we can’t do it alone.  The success of these sales are thanks in large part to the efforts of our county treasurer’s office. Of our initial order of 2019 plat books, well over two-thirds of the order have been sold by the treasurer’s office and we are proud to name them a Friend of 4-H for the 2018-2019 4-H Year.”

The Scottville Scotties 4-H Club, led by Melissa Ruboyaines, received the 4-H Re-enrollment Bragging Rights Award.

“Every year, 4-H Clubs are tasked with getting their youth re=enrolled for the new 4-H year and what better way to encourage them than with a little competitive challenge? Every 4-H Club that has their final rosters confirmed by the February 1 deadline is entered for a chance to win a pizza party and to earn bragging rights for the next 4-H Year,” Myers said.

4-H Milestone Awards:

4-H Silver Clover Awards (five years of service):

John Barbrick, George Faust, Rachel Bendele, Tim Gilchrist, Ashley Jabrocki

4-H Golden Clover Award (10 years of service):

Cathy Campbell

4-H Pearl Clover Award (15 years of service):

John Shoop

4-H Diamond Clover Award (20 years of service):

Amanda Shoup

4-H Emerald Clover Award (25 years of service):

Robert Shoup

4-H Sapphire Clover Award (35 years of service):

Nancy Supran

4-H Ruby Clover Award (50-plus years of service):

“This year was especially significant as we had the privilege to honor two volunteers for reaching over 50 years of volunteering, totaling 103 years,” Myers said. This year’s honorees were John Cregg and Lucy Ann Knizacky.

4-H MVP Award for Exceptional Service to 4-H in 2019:

Sue Cheney, Kendra Lewis, Sharon Vogrig

4-H New Frontier Award for bringing New and Original Programming to Mason County 4-H:

Nichole Birkett and Nancy Supran

4-H Mentor of the Year Award for Exceptional Service as a 4-H Mentor:

Kelsey Kosiboski, Kendra Lewis, Ethan Funke

4-H Lifetime Achievement Award:

John Cregg and Nancy Supran

“It is because of people like this that our program can have the impact that it does not only in our county but in numerous counties across the country,” Myers said. “President Woodrow Wilson once said ‘In America, we have but one title to nobility and that is achievement.’  

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