Toys for Tots/Gifts for Teens applications being accepted.

November 18, 2019

Toys for Tots/Gifts for Teens applications being accepted.

SCOTTVILLE — Applications are now available for FiveCAP’s Toys for Tots/Gifts for Teens program to help families provide gifts to their children for the holiday season. 

“It’s a difficult time of year for many of our neighbors,” said Mary L. Trucks, executive director. “A lot of families are struggling financially for basic survival — food, shelter, transportation, and unexpected expenses that crop up in early winter. What should be a happy time of year turns into a very stressful one for some that cannot afford to buy toys and gifts for their children to open on Christmas morning.”

The FiveCAP, Inc. Toys for Tots/Gifts for Teens is open to parents and guardians of children ages 0 to 18 residing in Manistee and Mason counties. During distribution, parents are able to choose something for each of their children from a wide range of age-appropriate gifts.

“This is one of the best things about our program,” Trucks said. “With Toys for Tots/Gifts for Teens, parents get to go shopping, in a sense, for things they know their children will enjoy. Everyone gets really excited when they see the rows and rows of toys and gifts to choose from, including a family game and stocking stuffers.”

FiveCAP will be collecting toys and gifts in barrels placed throughout each county, and everything donated will go to a family that resides in the county where the donation was made. After collecting all the donations, FiveCAP sorts the toys and gifts, and uses cash donations to purchase items to ensure there are plenty of options for each age group.

Mason County parents or guardians of children ages 0 to 18 can apply for Toys for Tots/Gifts for Teens at the Mason County FiveCAP office located at 302 N. Main Street in Scottville. Distribution will be Wednesday, December 18 and Thursday, December 19 at the Optimist Hall in Scottville. 


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