Free skates to be offered for downtown Ludington rink.

November 5, 2019

Free skates to be offered for downtown Ludington rink.

LUDINGTON — This winter, ice skaters using the James Street Plaza rink will have free access to ice skates, thanks to the efforts of Engine Creative LLC, Pennies from Heaven Foundation, Mason County District Library and Metalworks.

Engine Creative LLC and Pennies from Heaven Foundation joined forces to purchase 100 pairs of new ice skates for the program. The Ludington branch of the Mason County District Library will house and manage the skate rental program in lockers manufactured and donated by Metalworks.

All that is required to rent skates is a valid Mason County District Library card, which will allow people to check out skates just like checking out books, according to Chris VanWyck, owner of Engine Creative LLC.

The program offers the community free access to skates for use primarily on the new downtown Ludington skating rink, located just west of the library at James Street Plaza at the intersection of James Street and Ludington Avenue.

 “The best community projects are the ones that are made by, supported by, and serve the community, making it a better place for us all. Projects that focus on what is best for ‘we’ versus me,” said Monica Schuyler, executive director of Pennies from Heaven Foundation. “The downtown and local businesses came together to sponsor and support this rink, local volunteers help build it, we are proud to support the library, Engine Creative and Metalworks in helping make this rink accessible to all. We look forward to seeing families make memories in our beautiful downtown.”

“Skating was a big part of my childhood and I fondly remember spending quality time with my family on the ice as a kid,” said VanWyck. “I’m proud to play a part in bringing this fun activity to our entire community.”

“Libraries have always been a part of what makes a community special, and we are excited to be part of this unique ‘Pure Ludington’ experience,” said Eric Smith, library director of Mason County District Library.


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