West Shore Bank donates over $14,000 to local band programs.

October 30, 2019

West Shore Bank donates over $14,000 to local band programs.

LUDINGTON — West Shore Bank has recently donated $14,500 to local school music programs. The proceeds were raised through food vendor fees and merchandise sales during the 2019 Rhythm & Dunes free concert series. The funds were donated to Mason County Central, Mason County Eastern, and Ludington Area Schools. 

“We had two quality shows with phenomenal crowds at both,” said Raymond A. Biggs, president and CEO of West Shore Bank. “We enjoy coming together with our friends and neighbors to create these memorable evenings while supporting our communities and schools.  It is fun to hear how families are now planning vacations around these concerts.” 

More than $70,000 has been donated to local music curriculums in the past eight years.

Ludington High School Music Director Keith Kuczynski said funding donated to the Ludington music program supports several different facets, from purchasing new music and instruments to scholarships for private lessons and music camps. “It’s because of the support from West Shore Bank that we’re able to confidently say that any student with a desire and passion to play music will be able to,” said Kuczynski. “No student has to miss out due to financial hardships. Our program continues to grow in size and skill level and the benefits of West Shore Bank’s donations will be felt for years to come.”

“Our primary focus going forward is new marching uniforms,” said Tom Thomas, band and choir director of Mason County Central schools. “The ones we wear now we got for free 15 years ago and they were eight years old when we got them. Twenty-three years is a long time to use uniforms so it is time to look at new ones, which cost $350 to $400 each. We just bought two piccolos at $550 each. This money really helps our band reach out in our community.” 

 “We’ve purchased new music for performances,” said Claire Dickson, Mason County Eastern music teacher. “We’re not limited to the outdated music in our library and I can purchase higher quality pieces tailored to the ability level of each group.”



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