Ludington ad-hoc pot committee has delays. 

September 9, 2019

Ludington ad-hoc pot committee has delays. 

By Mayor Steve Miller.

During the December 17, 2018, City Council meeting, Council unanimously passed Ordinance 398-18, effectively “opting out”, or prohibiting marijuana establishments within the boundaries of the City of Ludington.  As was directed via an amendment to the ordinance, the Council unanimously agreed to revisit its decision within 60 days of the State passing its legislation and regulations. At that time, the state set December 6, 2019 as their legislative deadline.

Shortly after assuming office, rather than delaying an inevitable decision any longer than necessary, I requested the formation of an ad hoc committee, tasked with the sole purpose of providing the Council and the community with an impartial, unbiased report detailing the prospective effects and impacts the marijuana industry has had in other states and municipalities.

Following a proposed timeline to prepare and deliver a complete report, Monday September 9 was set for its public release.  Regrettably, the committee has experienced formatting and editing issues that will delay the issuance of the report until Friday, the 13.

I apologize on behalf of the ad hoc committee for the delay.  However, we felt it best to submit a report we were fully confident with its content and delivery method.

In addition, part of the report was originally to include a non-scientific survey of residents, over the age of 21, in each of the city’s six wards.  This survey was prepared to ask for community input on the upcoming Council decision.

Unfortunately, scheduling the number of volunteers willing to undertake such a task was not able to be completed satisfactorily, as had been hoped.  In lieu of such a survey, I’m asking citizen feedback be directly submitted, via email, to the councilor representing the ward where they reside.

The aforementioned proposed timeline has been adapted to reflect the following dates and actions:

Friday, September 13 — Public release of Ad Hoc Committee report.

Monday, September 16 —Committee of the Whole public comment meeting beginning at 7 p.m., to be held at the Ludington Area Center for the Arts.  

Topic: To allow/not allow marijuana establishments within the city limits.  

Monday, September 23 — Officially dissolve ad hoc committee.  Request city council to be prepared to make unified public statement at the October 14 regularly scheduled meeting via an adopted resolution as to their intentions to allow/not allow marijuana establishments within the city limits.

Monday, October 14 —Seek city council vote on a resolution to allow/not allow marijuana establishments within the city limits.

This issue has set on the back burner since the Council “opted out” in December of last year.  I encourage everyone with an opinion to take full advantage of the opportunity to speak directly to Council on Monday, the 16 at the public comment meeting at LACA.  And/or, contact the Councilors directly, via email with remarks addressing the matter-at-hand.

On behalf of the City Council, I welcome citizen participation in the process and look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Steve Miller, Mayor

City of Ludington 

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