Motorists reminded to be alert of school bus laws: Red lights mean stop.

September 2, 2019

Motorists reminded to be alert of school bus laws: Red lights mean stop.

School begins for the remainder of the schools in Mason County on Tuesday, Sept. 3 (Ludington Area Catholic began last week). This will mean that school buses will be picking up and dropping off children throughout the area. Motorists are being reminded by law enforcement and local school districts to be alert of school buses and to remember the law.

“Those red lights mean stop,” said Mason County Central Superintendent Jeff Mount. “MCC, Mason County Eastern and Ludington all bus students, and all have buses that run on US 10. Though it’s a five-lane highway, when the red lights are on, motorists from all directions are required to stop.”

Many students also ride on Ludington Mass Transit Authority.

Ludington Area Schools Superintendent Jason Kennedy said the school’s new bus fleet will include stop arm cameras, which will record vehicles that violate the red lights.

  • Red lights mean stop except on a divided highway. US 10 is not a divided highway, so motorists must stop from all directions. The red lights mean students will be entering and exiting the bus. Be on the lookout for students crossing the road.
  • Amber lights mean a motorist should prepare to stop. Bus drivers are required to trigger the amber lights 200 feet before a stop as a warning to motorists, similar to a yellow traffic light on a traffic signal.
  • Hazard lights means proceed with caution. Hazard lights are allowed in some situations where students will not be crossing the road. Motorists are allowed to pass the bus but are urged to be alert. Children are unpredictable.

Mason County Sheriff Kim Cole said the sheriff’s office is expecting to have additional patrols before and after school throughout the school year, with additional support from Michigan State Police. Cole said the sheriff’s office will ticket motorists who violate the red light bus laws.


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