Western Michigan Fair poultry and waterfowl winners.

August 5, 2019

PERE MARQUETTE TOWNSHIP — The Western Michigan Fair officially kicks off on Tuesday, Aug. 6, but the poultry and waterfowl competition took place Monday. Here are the winners:


Chicken market winners: From left: market pullets: Parker Hubert, Grand Champion, Chloe Jabrocki, Reserve Champion; cockerels: Bristol Jabrocki, Grand Champion, Alexandrea Root, Reserve Champion.

Pigeon and Waterfowl Showmanship: First row, from left: ages 8-10: Addison Malburg, 1st place pigeon, Brelle Certa, 2nd place pigeon; 11-13: Henry Malburg, 1st place pigeon. Second row, from left: 14-16: Becca Townsend, 1st pigeon, Amelia Malburg, 2nd place pigeon; 14-16: Dominque Jones, 1st place waterfowl, Audra Shoop, 2nd place waterfowl. Third row, from left: 17-19: Alexandrea Root, 1st place pigeons, 1st place waterfowl and Supreme Showman Reserve, Michael Jones, 2nd place pigeons, Andrea Shoop, 2nd place waterfowl and Supreme Showman.

Turkey Showmanship: Front, from left: Ages 8-10: Hannah Austin, 1st place, Brielle Cerka, 2nd; 5-7: Chevy Jabrocki, 1st, Chloe Jabrocki, 2nd. In back, from left: 11-13: Joey Gustafson, 1st, Brogan Quillan, 2nd; 14-16: Becca Townsend, 1st and Supreme Showman Reserve, Rebecca Szoboszlay, 2nd; 17-19: Alexandrea Root, 1st and Supreme Showman, Michael Jones, 2nd.

Turkey market: Front, from left: Chevy Jabrocki, single turkey Grand Champion; Becca Townsend, toms Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion. Second row, from left: Alexandrea Root, hens Grand Champion; Michael Jones, ducks Grand Champion. Missing: Joey Gustafson, hens Reserve Champion

Poultry and waterfowl best of breed, barn: Front, from left: Victory Smith, Amelia Malburg, Henry Malburg, Parker Hubert, Adrianna Malburg, Addison Malburg. Back, from left: Miriam Wilson, Andrea Shoop, Dominque Jones (best of barn 1st place, duck), Audra Shoop (best of barn, 2nd place, English standard, Becca Townsend, Mattea Mosier.

Chicken Showmanship: Front, from left: ages 5-7: Caleb Lipps, 1st place, Chloe Jabrocki, 2nd; 8-10: Josiah Hepworth, 1st, Addison Malburg, 2nd. Back row, from left: Jenna Hepworth, 1st, Parker Hubert, 2nd; 14-16, Elizabeth Vega, 1st and Supreme Showman, Adrianna Malburg, 2nd; 17-19, Alexandrea Root, 2nd. Missing: 17-19, Miriam Wilson, 1st and Supreme Showman 2nd place.

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