Three seasons of Jump Around Fun Center.

June 7, 2019

Three seasons of Jump Around Fun Center.

HAMLIN TOWNSHIP — Jump Around Fun Center, located near the intersection of Lakeshore Drive and M-116, is now in its third season. Beginning next Tuesday, June 11, it will be open Tuesday through Sunday, from noon to 8 p.m., weather permitting. The center is open this Saturday and Sunday from noon to 8 p.m.

Owners Mandie and Jason Kirkpatrick talked to MCP about some of the great amenities at the Fun Center:

Our Inflatable Selections – 

We put a lot of thought into the various inflatables in our park.  Not only did we want a nice variety of bouncers and obstacles, but we were striving to make sure there was something for every age group to enjoy, including adults.  Our Mega obstacles, and Zorb track are specifically designed for siblings, friends, and yes, parents, to race each other – side by side. Our maze is for all ages, and we have a toddler section, which is only for the littles under 36″ so they can play safely without worry of older bouncers interfering.

Safety & Cleanliness – 

Fun is our main objective, but safety and cleanliness are top priorities at our park. We constantly monitor weather conditions to make sure we are operating our outdoor park when it is safe to do so.  If there is stormy weather, high winds or if it gets too hot outside, we will delay opening or close our park to keep our customers safe from these conditions.  When we are open and setup for the day, we do a daily inspection to make sure all our inflatables are anchored down and our equipment is working properly. There are also safety rules posted on all of our units and in our admissions area that we ask our customers to follow, so everyone can enjoy their time playing without getting hurt.  

Every day we are open, we make sure clean out each of our units and sanitize them. And we keep our carpet clean – you heard correctly – we are an outdoor park with carpeting!  It’s like one giant outdoor living room!  That is why we ask people to keep all food and colored drinks out of our park area, and all shoes come off at our entrance.

Parties & Events – 

Our 11,000 sq foot park has enough room to hold 100 bouncers at a time, so there is plenty of space to host a good-sized party, field trip or event with us.  We also have a nicely shaded, and semi-private picnic area with 6 picnic tables.  We allow outside food & non-alcoholic drinks in this area for celebrations.  We also have water & Dippin’ Dots ice cream available for sale.  If a group has something cold to bring, we have some extra freezer/fridge space that can be used.  This season, we have introduced our new Virtual Reality Gaming Arcade too, which could be used (for a separate fee) during any party or event as well.

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