Loomis Street pier closed due to deterioration.

April 1, 2019

Loomis Street pier closed due to deterioration.

LUDINGTON — The pier north of the Loomis Street boat launch is being closed to pedestrian traffic due to unsafe conditions, according to City Manager Mitch Foster. Foster said minor erosion was noticed underneath the pier last fall, “but not an amount that caused any immediate concern,” he said. “It was believed to be something that could be addressed this spring. As the thaw began last month, engineers were called to have them review the situation as soon as ice/snow was melted to a point where you could get on site and review from both the water and land. This was to occur within the next two weeks when the engineers were in town reviewing another item.

This morning Department of Public Works staff noticed the sagging and deterioration of the end portion of the pier, Foster said. The pier, he added, was was installed nine years ago to prevent additional sand from encroaching upon the boat launch and causing issues long-term.

“It has served its purpose for the last nine in preventing the build-up of sand in the launch,” he said. “However, due to the increasing height of the water level in Lake Michigan, as well as the number of weather events experienced in the last couple of years, it has taken a toll on the pier.”

“As the thawing out has occurred, it has been identified that the sagging has greatly increased to a point which is no longer safe for pedestrians to get near,” Foster said. “We are having the situation reviewed by the engineers this week and hope to have a resolution established in the near term to prevent any issue with launching boats or the rest of the pier. Once the fix options have been determined, we will share more with the public as part of the decision process. This is now the third incidence in as many years of a piece of our shoreline being eroded by the increasing water level and storm damage.” Foster said other areas have included a point at Waterfront Park and south of Loomis Street Boat Launch.


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