Earth Day celebration

March 31, 2019

Earth Day celebration.

PERE MARQUETTE TOWNSHIP — AFFEW (A Few Friends of the Environment) will hold an Earth Day Celebration on Saturday, April 13 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at United Methodist Church of Ludington, 5810 W. Bryant Rd.

Events will include over 20 booths, live animals and a show from the John Ball Zoo, kids activities, a family hike, workshops, raffles, and food.

Speakers will include:

Hunting and fishing: A legacy of protecting natural resources.

Shaun McKeon and Nick Green, Michigan United Conservation Club

Presentation will focus on the funds generated from hunting and fishing licenses. These monies are used to fund water clean up initiatives, land purchases for recreational use, trail and accessibility development and educational programs. The speakers will connect the dots from the hunter and angling license purchases, taxes collected from ammunition and equipment sales to distribution to the resource protections and enhancements.

Climate Update 2019

Dr. Brian Allen

The newest scientific findings and what is known about how the climate is changing, a short discussion. Are recent serious weather changes related to climate change, how does this affect our birds and wildlife?

Close Encounters

Live Animal Show with John Ball Zoo

John Ball Traveling Zoo Live animal presentation. Stroll by to meet and greet the animals.


Native Plants and Rain Gardens

Carolyn Thayer with Designs in Bloom

The presentation will focus on how Michigan native plants can help soak up storm water runoff, prevent erosion, filter storm water runoff, and provide habitat for wildlife and insects.  The native plants will wake up a landscape and become alive with sound and activity.  

Healthy From the Ground Up

Dr. Kathryn Niemeyer

This presentation will focus on the use of plants and herbs as foods and medicines to promote health and prevent disease. Plant-based diets along with the inclusion of healing herbs for general health and wellbeing will be discussed. Plant combinations for sleep, mild pain, anxiety, energy and immune strength will be addressed.

Make and Take Green Cleaning Products

The Green Gals, Heidi, Brenda & Kathy

Just 3 everyday gals trying to keep chemicals out of our everyday lives. This workshop will allow participants to make and take a few products that use natural ingredients to clean and use in a variety of ways. “Recipes” included.

Friends & Foes, Managing Insects Organically

John Ferree with Little Red Organics

How to encourage beneficial insects and prevent pest damage in edible landscapes. The workshop will explore Organic pest controls, how to use pest controls while limiting impacts to non-target species, and building landscapes that benefit beneficial insects, plus a top secret Japanese beetle recipe.

Eats & Drinks

Eats & Drinks

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