Deer population on the rise in Ludington.

March 26, 2019

Deer population on the rise in Ludington.


LUDINGTON – The Ludington Police Department is warning residents that the deer population is on the rise in the city limits and is urging residents to not feed them.

“Some Ludington residents are concerned about the increased number of deer in the City of Ludington,” states a post on LPD’s Facebook page. “Worries about deer crossing the roadways, damaging landscaping and leaving their droppings in yards are just a few of the complaints that we hear.

“Every year, Ludington police officers respond to vehicle accidents involving deer that are injured or killed while crossing a city street.

“One year in particular a deer saw its reflection in a local motel window; dove through the window; and destroyed the motel room. Responders were able to set the deer free. However, a few minutes later, only blocks from the motel, the deer was struck by a car while crossing a city street. Fortunately for the deer it was not injured further by the collision and fled the scene. I’m guessing that deer is now a ‘country deer,'” states the light-hearted post.

“I’ll bet you a buck that car/deer accidents cost vehicle owners a lot of doe!” the post jokes.

“It appears that some of the reasons that deer find their way into the city and take up residence are: good habitat (cover), lack of hunting pressure and a good food source.

“A few suggestions to reduce deer issues in your neighborhood are:
1. Look for plants that are not attractive to deer;
2. Use deer repellants;
3. DO NOT FEED DEER or other wildlife.

“City Ordinance 34-99 prohibits the feeding of wildlife in city parks, marinas and beaches. The rationale for this prohibition is that the feeding creates a ‘false food supply.’ Wildlife will populate an area based on habitat, security and food supply. If there is enough food to support larger numbers, then they will reproduce in greater numbers. When that food supply dwindles, the increased population will travel looking for food elsewhere. This sets up opportunities for the animals to be injured or killed.

“While feeding wildlife may seem entertaining, it can actually harm the very animals that are being fed.

“Ludington residents ‘Please… be a DEAR and do not feed the DEER!”

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