Smoldering wood causes fire department response to Foster Elementary.

December 20, 2018

Smoldering wood causes fire department response to Foster Elementary.

LUDINGTON — Ludington Fire Department was called to Ludington Area School District’s Foster Elementary earlier tonight in response to a fire alarm. According to Superintendent Jason Kennedy, a teacher who was in the building working in a classroom, as well as a custodian, were in the building when the alarm went off.

“The staff members went to the source of the smoke to find six small pieces of pressed wood smoldering with smoke that were on the kiln in the art room,” Kennedy said. “The staff members immediately removed the pieces of smoldering pressed wood from the kiln and placed them in the sink of water in the classroom. The pieces of pressed wood were removed from the building.

“The administration and central dispatch (Mason-Oceana 911) were contacted immediately to request support from the fire department to assist in removing the smoke from the building.

“The fire department arrived on the scene and began clearing the smoke from the building with the use of high powered fans. The District continues to work closely with Chief Jerry Funk and members of the Ludington Fire Department through the evening, and it is the District’s intent for school to be held at Foster Elementary School on Friday, December 21, 2018.

“However, we will rely on the guidance of Chief Funk in making this decision. The safety and well being of our staff and students is of the utmost importance to Ludington Area Schools, and it was important for the District to have communicated this message with students, staff, parents, and our community.”


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