MCC board to consider suspension/expulsion of student who made bomb threat. 

December 16, 2018

MCC board to consider suspension/expulsion of student who made bomb threat. 

SCOTTVILLE — The Mason County Central Board of Education is expected to go into closed session Monday during its regular meeting to consider the suspension/expulsion of a student. The middles school student allegedly made a bomb threat on social media in the evening of Nov. 29. The social media post was discovered by a Ludington Area School District administrator in the morning of Nov. 30. He then informed MCC Schools which immediately went into lock-down through the remainder of the day.

The incident meant the relocation of all the middle school students to another building and also several hours of time from local police, fire and EMS personnel. A Michigan State Police bomb squad from Paw Paw in southern Michigan was called to confirm the threat was a hoax. At the time of the incident Superintendent Jeff Mount said the school would be looking at expulsion and would also be consulting with the Mason County Prosecutor’s Office about criminal charges.

The Michigan Open Meetings Act allows a school board to go into closed session to discuss a suspension/expulsion of a student if the student’s legal guardians/parents request the board go into closed session, which has happened in this case. Formal action must take place in an open meeting.

The board is also expected to ratify the collective bargaining agreement between the school and the Mason County Central Education Association (teachers’ union).

The board of education meets at 7 p.m. in the high school conference room located in A hall. The meeting is open to the public.


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