Scottville resident raises concerns over neighbor’s dogs.

December 4, 2018

Scottville resident raises concerns over neighbor’s dogs.

SCOTTVILLE — A Scottville resident addressed the City Commission Monday with concerns he has about his neighbor’s dogs. Trinidad Rios, who said he has lived in Scottville for 53 years, said his neighbor has at least five pit-bull type dogs. The dogs have been a menace in the neighborhood. “Last Saturday three of the dogs got out and chased my two granddaughters into our home,” Rios told the commission, adding that his granddaughters are ages 9 and 10. “My wife was in the garage and the dogs wouldn’t let her out of the garage. I was in there too and my wife wouldn’t let me out because I would have harmed the dogs.

“This guy (the neighbor) then proceeded to get carried away with his language calling my wife an ‘f-in b’.”

Rios said the dogs are also constantly barking.

Rois said he has spoken to Scottville Police Deprtment, Mason County Animal Control, the Mason County Sheriff’s Office, and the Michigan State Police, about his concerns, and concerns of other neighbors. “My other neighbor’s dog got attacked by one of those dogs. She had a veterinarian bill of over $300. When she spoke to the neighbors with the pit bulls, he said it wasn’t his problem, Rios said.

“The guy told me that if I don’t like it then I can move. I have been here 53 years and to hell if I’m going to move out.”

Scottville Police Sgt. Jason Williams, who was attending the meeting, said that he and Rios have been in communication and that efforts to address the issue. Williams said Mason County Animal Control recently issued citations and the Mason County Prosecutor’s Office is considering additional charges. Williams said one of the citations involves having unlicensed dogs.

From Rios’s and Williams’ descriptions, the neighbor is in violation of at least five city ordinances including: dog license requirement, allowing dogs to run loose, barking, vicious dogs, and the keeping of dogs. City ordinance allows a household to keep up to two dogs 4-months old or older. The keeping of three or more dogs outside the principal structure requires a city approved structure to house the dogs.

Mayor Bruce Krieger told Rios that his complaints will be addressed by the city.

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