Reimink named emergency management coordinator of the year.

October 25, 2018

Liz Reimink

Reimink named emergency management coordinator of the year.

Mason County Emergency Management Coordinator Liz Reimink was recently awarded the Michigan Emergency Management Coordinator of the Year for a jurisdiction less than 60,000 people by the Michigan Emergency Management Association (MEMA).

The MEMA Facebook page stated that “Liz has been on the leading edge of training and exercise and has been a tremendous asset to other emergency managers with her knowledge, training and experience. She has conducted several full-scale exercises her emergency first responder community on reunification, terrorism, search and rescue and mass casualty full scale exercises, well beyond the minimum requirements…

“Liz also acts as the fire academy coordinator for Mason County and provides her organizational expertise to running the basic fire academy. Aside from teaching some of the classes, she is responsible in finding and organizing instructors for the training and assuring all training is completed to the standards set forth by the Office of Firefighter Training. She also has to coordinate the final written and practical testing for the fire academy.

“If there is a question regarding policy, procedure or simply guidance on matters related to emergency management, Liz will provide the information without hesitation. As a new emergency manager Liz provided me with guidance and direction that made me a better emergency manager.

“Elizabeth Reimink is an example of what emergency management coordinators should aspire to…”

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