Western Michigan Fair rabbit winners.

August 9, 2018

Western Michigan Fair rabbit winners.



Rabbit showmanship: Front row, from left: ages 5-7, Makson Shimunek, 1st, Paisley Helminika, 2nd; 8-10, Joseph Kline, 1st, Kerri Johnson, 2nd. Second row: 11-13, Mikaylyn Kenney, 1st, Julia Gilchrist, 2nd; 14-16, Alexandrea Root, 1st, Rylee Cregg, 2nd. Third row: 17-19, Miriam Wilson, 1st, Stephanie Doyle, 2nd.

Rabbit market: From left: Jackson Cooper, grand champion market pen; Jamison Cooper, reserve market pen, best Californian.

Rabbit champion showman: From left: Mikaylyn Kenney and Joseph Kline.

Rabbit best of breed: First row, from left: Mikaylyn Kenney, best of show, best of breed mini rex, best opposite mini rex, best of bread mini satin, best opposite mini satin; Molly Mosier, reserve of show, best of breed New Zealand; Miriam Wilson, best of breed lionhead, best of breed Dutch. Second row: Katie Hackert, best of breed flemish giant; Chole Genter, best of breed Dutch, best of breed Holland lop, Braylyn Johnson, best of breed rex. Third row: Jackson Doyle, best of breed Netherland dwarf; Jackson Cooper, best of breed Holland lop; Jamison Cooper, best of breed Californian.


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