Western Michigan Fair equestrian winners.

August 9, 2018

Western Michigan Fair equestrian winners.



Equestrian walk trot: from left: Christin Cheney, Scout Stulz, Bryce Stevens, Hannah Austin, Kiana Blaid.

Equestrian walk only, lead line, challenged rider. From left: Sonny Cheney, Frances Cheney, Keeli Johnson, Brailyn Johnson.

Equestrian stock ages 14 and over: From left: Garrett Bennett, Heather Gentry, Faith Vidak, Kenzie Nielson.

Equestrian showmanship. Front row, from left: Evan Bennett, Heather Gentry, Kenna Luke, Payton Haynes. Back: Ashleigh Waylle, Ella Olmstead, Lydia Howe, Faith Vidak, Hannah Austin, Brianna Hindman, Scout Stulz.

Equestrian pleasure ages 14 and over: From left: Carley Holcomb, Heather Gentry, Brianna Hindman, Marah Olmstead, Lydia Howe, Kelsey Kosiboski, Hillary Howe.

Equestrian pleasure ages 13 and below. From left: Ashleigh Walle, Olivia Lynn, Ella Olmstead, Evan Bennett.


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