Fair goat winners.

August 8, 2018

Fair goat winners.


Goat showmanship: Front row, from left: ages 5-7, Tristan Johnson, 1st, Emery Velat, 2nd; 8-10, Aaron Card, 1st, Brayden Morse, 2nd. Back row: 11-13, Briana Crawford, 1st (reserve supreme showman), Jackson Doyle, 2nd; 17-19, Abe Shoup, 1st, Stephanie Doyle, 2nd.

Goat market champions: From left: Isabel Babbin, grand champion goat; Mallorie Stakenas, reserve champion goat.

Goat champions: Left to right: Miriam Wilson, champion alpine, champion all breeds, best udder, champion timed contest, highest production; Brayden Morse, champion Nigerian dwarf; Gage Velat, champion Boer, reserve all breeds; Aaron Card, champion any other.

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