Western Michigan Fair poultry winners.

August 6, 2018

Western Michigan Fair poultry winners.


Poultry best of breed and reserve of breed. Front row, from left: Dominque Jones, Benjamin WIlson, Amelia Malburg, Adrianna Malburg, KateLynn Woodworth, Henry Malburg. Middle row: Aliyah Johnson, JoyEllen Wilson, Alexandrea Root, Andrea Shoop, Jacob Shoop. Back row: Jackson Cooper, Jared Wilson, Miriam Wilson, Cassidy Shaffer, Anna Tyndall.

Poultry supreme showmanship: From left: Alexandrea Root, grand champion for chicken, waterfowl, and turkey; Miriam Wilson, reserve chicken; Audra Shoop, reserve waterfowl; Becca Townsend, reserve turkey.

Waterfowl showmanship: Front, from left: ages 5-7, Anna Story, 1st, Katelynn Woodworth, 2nd; 11-13, Alex Tyndall, 1st, Joey Gustafson, 2nd. Back row: 14-16, Alexandrea Root, 1st, Audra Shoop, 2nd; 17-19, Jacob Shoop, 1st, Andrea Shoop, 2nd.

Turkey showmanship: Front, from left: ages 5-7, Katelynn Woodworth, 1st, Chloe Jabrocki, 2nd; 8-10, Brogan Quillan, 1st, Cyric Jabrocki, 2nd; middle row: 11-13, Rebecca Szoboszlay, 1st, Jason Szoboszlay, 2nd. Back row: 14-16, Alexandrea Root, 1st, Becca Townsend, 2nd; 17-19, Andrea Shoop, 1st, Jacob Shoop, 2nd.

Poultry market: Front row – cockerels: Jacob Shoop, grand champion, Bristol Jabrocki, reserve champion; Pullets: Audra Shoop, grand, Harrington Cooper, reserve. Middle row: turkeys tom: Alexandrea Root, grand, Becca Townsend, reserve; turkey hen: Joey Gustafson, grand, Jason Szoboszlay, reserve. Back: ducks pen, Anna Tyndall, grand; ducks single, Alex Tyndall.

Pigeon showmanship: From left: ages 8-10, Henry Malburg, 1st; 14-16, Becca Townsend, 1st, Alexandrea Root, 2nd.

Chicken showmanship: front row, from left: ages 5-7, Avery Lipps, 1st, Louisa Wilson, 2nd; 8-10, Jenna Hepworth, 1st, Jared Wilson, 2nd; middle row: 11-13, Amelia Malburg, 1st, Laura Hepworth, 2nd; back row: 14-16, Alexandrea Root, 1st (supreme winner), Adrianna Malburg, 2nd; 17-19, Mariam Wilson, 1st (supreme reserve), JoyEllen Wilson, 2nd.

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