Scottville offering residents trash bin alternative to buying bags.

July 3, 2018

Scottville offering residents trash bin alternative to buying bags.

SCOTTVILLE — Beginning in August city residents wishing to have a 96 gallon cart to be used for trash can sign up with City Hall.  The cart is a voluntary option to replace the city trash bags residents are currently purchasing.  Those residents wishing to continue to use city bags may do so.

The carts will cost $17 per month, which will be billed on the monthly water bills. The charge will appear on the bill as a separate line item and the money will go into the Refuse Fund at the city the same as the city bags. 

The carts will be very similar to the recycling bins city residents now utilize, however, these will have a black lid and say “trash” on the lid rather than recycling, according to City Manager Amy Williams.  Residents using the new carts can bag their trash in any store bought trash bag; they do not have to use “city bags” for the trash bins.

Larger items can be placed in the cart without being bagged, but household trash must be in a bag.   

The trash carts will be picked up weekly by Republic Services while the recycle carts will still be picked up every other week.


Those residents wishing to participate in the voluntary option to have a trash cart can contact city hall and it will be delivered for a start date of August 7. Call 231-757-4729.


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