MCE elementary students hold social studies fair. 

June 6, 2018

MCE elementary students hold social studies fair. 

CUSTER — Mason County Eastern Schools recently held its annual elementary Social Studies Fair with displays from various projects showcasing what the students learned in that subject this year. First grade students presented photography and pictures that demonstrated human versus natural characteristics around them. Second grade students displayed maps that represented each student’s place in the world from continent to local community. Third grade students exhibited Native American projects on location, food, shelter, and “gifts” left to us from the various Eastern Woodland tribes they learned about. Fourth grade students showcased state reports and made “souvenir suitcases” filled with items unique and important to their chosen state.  Fifth grade students dressed up as historical figures and reported on the life and contributions of important people from the Age of Exploration to Early American Government, the Constitution, and beyond. 

“It was an exciting, energetic evening that celebrated the students’ accomplishments and made history come alive for all to enjoy,” said Superintendent Paul Shoup.      


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