Deputy Lamb’s fawn.

May 29, 2018

Deputy Lamb’s fawn

By Rob Alway, Editor-in-Chief.

GRANT TOWNSHIP — A fawn that lost its mother was most likely saved today by Mason County Sheriff Dep. Adam Lamb. Lamb said he was on patrol on North Quarterline Road, near Forest Trail, when he spotted the fawn running into the road and then into the weeds. “Something just didn’t seem right,” Lamb said.

So, Lamb called Kathleen Babbin of Misty Bend Wildlife Refuge in Pentwater. Babbin is licensed by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources to rehabilitate mammals.

“She said a deer that size wouldn’t be found more than 10 feet away from its mother at this age. She said it was likely that the mother abandoned the fawn or the mother had died. By me describing that the fawn had white gums, bent ears and curved spots, Kathleen could tell it was malnourished.”

Lamb took the fawn to Babbin’s place where she will attempt to get it healthy again.

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