Letter to editor: A thank you to educators.

May 11, 2018

Letter to editor: A thank you to educators.

Dear Editor:

Educators are everyday heroes that inspire, motivate, empower, and encourage students to strive for greatness, and through experience and commitment to meeting the unique individual needs of all students, they help students realize their full potential to become the best that they can be. I am grateful for the educators who have shaped my life, those that have and continue to help shape the lives of the students at Ludington Area Schools, as well as the educators of our greater community. No matter their role within the educational system, our teachers and staff are inherently a part of a team of educators that is dedicated to improving the lives of children and our community, and for that, I am grateful.

A day in the life of an educator can vary greatly depending upon the subject taught, the grade level taught, or the role that an educator plays within the educational system. The responsibilities of an educator go well beyond the time that is put forth during the school year and during the school day. The responsibilities of the educators that serve our community extend well beyond the instructional day and into the lives of our students, their families, and our community. They play an integral role in the development of our society. I am so proud to be an educator, and am grateful to those that have chosen this noble profession.

The week of May 7-11, 2018 marks the recognition of staff and teacher appreciation week in schools throughout our nation. I write this letter to the editor in an effort to thank the entire staff at Ludington Area Schools for all that they do to support our students and families, educators throughout our county and region for impacting the lives of the students that they serve, while also sending a special thank you to all of the educators in my life who have had a profound impact on me. Happy staff and teacher appreciation week and thank you for being a champion for kids!


Jason J. Kennedy, Superintendent

Ludington Area School District

Area Churches