Nellis now serving as county chief judge.

March 12, 2018

Judge Jeff Nellis

Nellis now serving as county chief judge.

LUDINGTON — Jeffrey Nellis is now serving as the county’s chief judge, replacing Peter Wadel. Nellis is the elected Mason County Probate Court judge and Wadel is the elected 79th District Court judge. Duties of chief judge include handling judicial assignments when there is a conflict of interest with a judge and leading judicial meetings. Nellis assumed the position of chief judge at the beginning of the year.

Nellis said he also will provide direction as the Mason County courts move through the process of the loss of the district judge sometime in the next few years. Currently, Mason County is served by three courts: the 51st Circuit Court, the 79th District Court, and Mason County Probate Court. However, the state will eliminated the district court judge position in the county once Judge Wadel resigns, meaning the current district court duties will be divided by the other two judges.

“We have three well run court systems here, with experienced, competent staff,” Nellis said. “It is also a great benefit that the judges work well together to address court issues.”


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