Lake County extension offering chronic pain workshop. 

February 22, 2018

Lake County extension offering chronic pain workshop. 

BALDWIN — People living with chronic, painful conditions such as arthritis, neuropathy, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and Lyme disease or any type chronic pain, may find some relief at a workshop that will take place in March at the Lake County Michigan State University Extension office, 830 Michigan Ave #601. 

The Chronic Pain workshop called, Personal Action Towards Health (PATH) originated at Stanford University and is backed by years of evidence and research.

The classes, presented by MSUE will teach people how to better self-manage their pain through a variety of techniques. Chronic Pain PATH helps participants to look at a variety of factors and triggers contributing to uncontrolled chronic pain.

“Extension has been called upon to bring in programs focused on emergent health issues. Chronic Pain PATH is certainly a program that is needed here and throughout the state of Michigan, ” said Pam Daniels, MSUE Educator. “We have folks on prescription pain medications who are indisputably in pain.”  

Individuals living with chronic pain may need a multi-dimensional treatment plan for pain relief.  Pain medications alone aren’t always seen as a single treatment, nor are they deemed the best method for long-term pain management.

“What we have clearly identified is that the first step in pain management is working under your health care provider’s treatment plan, from there we look at ways to build helpful, sustainable self-management skills.”  

Many physicians and healthcare providers see Chronic Pain PATH as a beneficial self-management tool for patients on, or coming off prescription pain medications.

Daniels adds, “We look at symptoms, how they affect us on a daily basis, and we find ways to self-manage those symptoms using realistic techniques.  

Other topics include,

  • Myths in dealing with pain
  • Techniques to deal with frustration/fatigue/isolation/poor sleep
  • Specific focus on pacing your activity and rest
  • A basic skill set of exercise to maintain or improve strength and endurance
  • Appropriate use of medication
  • Opioid medications
  • Working effectively with family and with your health care team.

Included in Chronic Pain PATH program is a CD called The Moving Easy Program which promotes basic steps towards staying mobile while identifying and connecting to your threshold of pain.

PATH will be held on six consecutive Mondays from March 26th – April 30th, from 2:00 -4:30pm at the Michigan State University Extension office 915 Michigan Ave, Baldwin, MI.

Chronic Pain PATH is a free workshop. Books and CD’s will be provided. RSVP’s are required. Contact MSUE, Pam Daniels at 231.592.0792.  

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