Lessons in finances.

February 8, 2018

Lessons in finances.

By Rob Alway, Editor-in-Chief.

SCOTTVILLE — Students in Mason County Central High School’s junior class have been learning some valuable life lessons this week. Kyle Gurzynski, vice president of Safe Harbor Credit Union has been speaking to the 11th graders about financial literacy.

The program is part of MCC’s morning advisory hour which takes place at the beginning of the day and is coordinated by Roxanne Chye, life skills management teacher.

“We decided to have a speaker come in and talk about financial literacy, to talk about credit, interest rates, loans and all those things that will apply to them, not only now but when they are outside of school,” Chye said. “We are trying to prepare them for their lives. That’s when I contacted Kyle Gurzynski from Safe Harbor Credit Union. He really connects with the students well. The students have been excited to have him here and they have been learning a lot.”

Gurzynski gave some eye opening advice, such as how a credit score is rated and how it effects a person’s ability to borrow money. He spoke about the cost of college and the high interest rates of student loans.

“This school is fortunate to have someone like Roxanne who’s willing to reach out to local businesses and bring people in to talk about financial literacy or any other trade.”

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