Huizenga involved in Virginia train crash.

January 31, 2018

Congressman Bill Huizenga, along with his wife and other lawmakers, was on a train that crashed into a garbage truck in western Virginia this afternoon, Wednesday, Jan. 31.

Huizenga, who represents Oceana County and most of Mason County, was standing in the aisle of the train when he felt a loud bang and crash.

“As we were just outside Charlotte, I was standing in the aisle talking to some colleagues and just a tremendous bang and shutter and knew instantly we had hit something big,” Huizenga said in news reports.

Huizenga said their car went past the wreckage where he could see some people thrown outside of the cab.

“It was serious and significant,” Huizenga said.

According to ABC, there was one death so far, but all the members of Congress on board appear to be OK.

Many congressmen who are also doctors were able to quickly respond to some of those injured.

Huizenga said he felt no braking prior to the crash.

Huizenga tweeted:

“Due to the number of inquiries I need to let everyone know that Natalie and I are on the train involved with the crash. While we are shaken, we are both OK. We have gathered to pray for the victims and 1st responders and ask everyone to join us.”

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