MDOT recommends Ludington Avenue lanes remain the same.

January 22, 2018

MDOT recommends Ludington Avenue lanes remain the same.


By Rob Alway, Editor-in-Chief.

LUDINGTON — The Michigan Department of Transportation has recommended that Ludington Avenue should remain four/five lanes. The announcement was made during the City Council’s regular meeting Monday night. City Manager John Shay said that in December MDOT had indicated that it was likely going to recommend changing the lane configuration of the Avenue, which is a state highway, from four/five lanes from Jackson Road to William Street. A new manager at the MDOT Muskegon field office, who started the position this month, has informed the city that the change is not recommended, according to Shay.

Shay told the Council that the primary recommendation is that lane changes should not occur in the downtown area, but MDOT would be open to consider a change between Jackson Road (the eastern city limit) to Rowe Street, just east of downtown. Shay said based on MDOT’s recommendation, he would recommend that the Council no longer pursue the lane change at this time.

Ludington Avenue, because Jackson Road and Rowe Street is scheduled for resurfacing this fall, Shay said, adding that the conversation with MDOT was originated based on those plans. Part of Ludington Avenue, from Jackson Road to James Street, is US 10, and is M-116 from James Street to Lakeshore Drive.

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