Police officer from Scottville recovering from injuries at home. 

December 15, 2017

David Wyman with his daughter Grace.

David Wyman, a police officer from Scottville, is recovering from his injuries at his home. 

By Rob Alway, Editor-in-Chief.

BERRIEN COUNTY — Officer David Wyman, who struck by a vehicle while on duty in November has been moved from a hospital to his home for in-home therapy, according to a release from the Chikaming Township Police Department. 

Wyman is a graduate of Mason County Central High School and West Shore Community College. He is a former Pentwater Police Department officer.

On Sunday, Nov. 12, Wyman was at the scene of a vehicle in a ditch on I-94 and was about ready to clear the scene when he was struck by a vehicle driven by a 67-year-old man. The crash took place at the eastbound 12mm exit ramp. After Wyman was struck, the vehicle that struck Officer Wyman crashed into the rear of the patrol car.

Wyman underwent several surgeries since he was struck by a vehicle on I-94 Sunday evening while on duty. According to a press release from Chikaming Township Police Chief Todd Anthony Taylor Sr., Wyman, a native of Scottville, is now in stable condition and recovering.