LPD asks motorists to drive safely around street crews.

November 13, 2017

LPD asks motorists to drive safely around street crews.

LUDINGTON — The Ludington Department of Public Works are in the process of cleaning out catch basins and picking up leaves at the side of the road. This activity requires city workers to be extra vigilant because they not only have to pay attention to what they’re doing but they also have to keep an eye on motorists.

Ludington Police Chief Mark Barnett has issued a statement reminding motorists to use caution around the street crews.

“Michigan State Law requires motorists to reduce and maintain a safe speed when approaching these workers,” Barnett said. “In other words, simply passing by workers at the posted speed limit is not sufficient. By reducing and maintaining a safe speed you are providing that extra margin of safety if the unexpected happens.”

Barnett referred to the Michigan Motor Vehicle Code, Act 300 of 1949:

257.653b Approaching and passing stationary solid waste collection vehicle, utility service vehicle, or road maintenance vehicle; reduction and maintenance of safe speed; definitions.
Sec. 653b.
(1) Upon approaching and passing a stationary solid waste collection vehicle, a utility service vehicle, or a road maintenance vehicle that is giving a visual signal by means of flashing, rotating, or oscillating amber lights as permitted by section 698, the driver of an approaching vehicle shall reduce to and maintain a safe speed for weather, road conditions, and vehicular or pedestrian traffic and proceed with due care and caution.



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