College board asking for public input on presidential search.

October 19, 2017

Scott Ward

College board asking for public input on presidential search.

VICTORY TOWNSHIP – The West Shore Community College Board of Trustees is asking the community to provide input by participating in an online presidential search survey.

The college is seeking that input from students, faculty, staff, administrators, college and foundation board members, as well as community members, school system and community leaders, and alumni.

At the October board meeting earlier this week, the trustees reviewed the application materials to fill the college’s presidential vacancy from Interim President Scott Ward and recommended to move him forward in the process as outlined in board policy for the promotion of an internal candidate.

The survey is the primary means by which information will be gathered from the campus community and is an important step that will guide the board of trustees in making a final decision on Mr. Ward’s candidacy,” stated board Chairman Bruce Smith. “I encourage you to use this opportunity to respond and share your thoughts as we consider the selection of a new president to lead our college.”

The online survey can be accessed on the college’s web site,

The presidential profile and Ward’s cover letter and resume are also available on the college’s web site.

Those wishing to complete a hard copy of the survey may contact the college’s human resources office at 843-5819.

The survey will be available through November 3, 2017.

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