Custer village asking to annex portion of township for safari park.

September 11, 2017

Custer village asking to annex portion of township for safari park.

CUSTER — The Village of Custer is asking the Mason County Board of Commissions to approve an annexation request to extend west into a portion of Custer Township that includes Marlins Wildlife Safari, 2041 E. US 10. Currently, the newly opened park is divided with part in the township and part in the village.

A public hearing is being held Tuesday, Sept. 12, during the monthly meeting of the county board of commissioners, which begins at 9 a.m. at the courthouse. Following the public hearing, the board will consider approving the request and then sending a certified copy to the Custer village clerk and also the Michigan secretary of state, which would change the boundaries of both the village and the township.

Owner Marlin Troyer opened the business earlier in the year but faced some issues with the county’s zoning, which covers Custer Township. However, Custer village oversees its own zoning.

Editor’s note: The official name of the business is Marlins Wildlife Safari, without the apostrophe “s”.


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