Western Michigan Fair goat competition winners.

August 10, 2017

Western Michigan Fair goat competition winners.


Goats: From left, Isabel Babbin, reserve champion; Briana Crawford, grand champion.

Showmanship: In front, from left: ages 5-7: Brailyn Johnson, 1st, Afton Shoup, 2nd; ages 8-10: Lucy Shoup, 1st, Keeli Johnson, 2nd. In back, from left: ages 11-13: RyAnn Roher, 1st; ages 17-19: Abe Shoup, 2nd and reserve supreme. Missing: ages 11-13: Ella Pylman, 2nd; ages 14-16: Alexandria Root, 1st, Rachel Doyle, 2nd; ages 17-19: Stephanie Doyle, 1st and supreme showman.

Abe Shoup, grand champion doe.

From left: best of breed, Nigerian dwarf: Keeli Johnson, grand champion; Brailyn Johnson, reserve.



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