Scottville commissioners’ pay to stay the same, independent committee decides.

April 28, 2017

scottville_sign_2Scottville commissioners’ pay to stay the same, independent committee decides. 

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SCOTTVILLE — The Scottville City Commission will not get a pay cut nor a pay increase through the decision of an independent commission that met last week. By state statute, wages of elected municipal officials must be decided by the Elected Officials Compensation Commission (EOCC), which consists of five city residents who are not on an elected board. The commission is only allowed to meet on the odd number of years. The last time the commission met was in 2007. At that time it increased the pay of the mayor to $500 a year.

City commissioners are paid $50 per regular bi-monthly meeting, $100 a month. They are not paid for the many committee meetings they attend. The mayor, who is also an elected commissioner, is paid an additional $500 a year. The city’s Finance Committee, which consists of three city commissioners, had voted to decrease the commissioner’s pay to $25 per meeting.

During the EOCC meeting, the five commissioners compared the stipend of the Scottville City Commissioners and mayor to other Michigan cities of comparable populations. The stipend was comparable. The EOCC members then discussed the Finance Committee’s recommendation to lower the stipend, but the general consensus was that the elected commissioners deserved the small amount of payment and that the mayor position was a demanding position that was worth much more than $500 a year.

The City Commission has the authority to over-rule the EOCC by a two-thirds majority. The subject is on the commission’s agenda for its Monday, May 1 regular meeting.
Editor’s note: Editor-in-Chief Rob Alway, a resident of Scottville, serves on the Elected Officials Compensation Commission, along with city residents Bruce Smith, Bob Spangler, Ed Malkowski, and David Johnson.

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