Four businesses nominated for Business of the Year.

April 19, 2017

Four businesses nominated for Business of the Year.

Four businesses, including two real estate firms, have been nominated for the Ludington and Scottville Area Chamber of Commerce’s Business of the Year award.

Those businesses include Bayshore Real Estate of Amber Township, Lighthouse Realty of Ludington, Servpro of Manistee, Ludington and Cadillac (based locally in Amber Township), and the Shade Tree Mechanic of Ludington,

Bayshore Real Estate was nominated by its owner, MaryLyn Leavitt, who owns the business with her husband, Kevin.

“As a silent partner in the business I feel it appropriate to share with all of you the story of this remarkable group of professionals and a year of amazing growth and transition,” Leavitt wrote in her nomination letter. “Century 21 Bayshore Real Estate has been a leader in our community for over 35 years. Through years of hard work, dedication and the willingness to persevere through the fluctuation of difficult past markets the torch was successfully passed to new owners in 2016. For anyone who has ever purchased an existing business you know the challenges of every step. Making the decision to purchase this strongly established, well-run company was not an issue and transitioning from previous owners to new ownership was a task accomplished with the utmost respect, confidentially, and success. The dedication and love for the community and the business is evident by the fact that all three previous owners have continued as important members of the team. The group pulled together through some exciting new changes and challenges along the way. Friendships and loyalties grew stronger, new leaders emerged and a successful year was the result.”

Lighthouse Realty was nominated by Mary Lynne Wickwire of Ludington.

“In the ‘80s I had my own business in Aptos, Cali. I know how important marketing is if you want to be successful,” Wickwire wrote. “Marketing can feel like a full time job. I like the idea of providing some marketing on behalf of a company that I know from personal experience is providing multiple services to our community.”

Lighthouse Realty was founded in the fall of 2005 by Don Bradley, Rick Randall, and Ben Korendyke.

“When they sought each other out at the same time, they realized that starting one company with the three of them as owners would be the wise thing to do,” Wickwire wrote. “The owners’ goals for their new company were to provide excellent service and representation and take it to a higher level. When the company started it already had a state-of-the-art website, one that they believed was better than

Wickwire said the company experienced a 34 percent increase in income between 2007 and 2016. “Because the company is locally owned, the owners are able to contribute to local causes.”

ServPro was nominated by Ryan Bullard, owner of Respectable Lawn Care Services.

“The employees are very people oriented and extremely professional. They are quick to answer any and all questions in their entirety, never once leaving the customer confused or misunderstood,” Bullard wrote about ServPro.

The Shade Tree Mechanic was nominated by Eleanor Anderson of Ludington.

“How do you measure a successful business? There are several ways I guess,” Anderson wrote. “How about this one. A young man with a skill and an interest in auto mechanics takes an independent leap to follow his dream.”

The 2016 Business of the Year Award winner will be announced at the Chamber’s Annual Dinner on May 6 at Lincoln Hills Golf Club.

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