New public comment rules for Scottville commission.

April 17, 2017

scottville_city_commissionNew public comment rules for Scottville commission.

SCOTTVILLE — Scottville Mayor Bruce Krieger has changed the rules of public comment at City Commission meetings. In the past the City Commission has had rather loose rules when it comes to members of the public coming in and speaking their minds. Typically, the interaction between citizens and the Commission has been informal and the three minute time limit has also been loosely enforced. Beginning at Monday’s regular meeting, Mayor Krieger announced that citizens will continue to have three minutes to speak but the commissioners will then take note of the question and respond during an appropriate time, which may be during commissioner reports during the meeting or may be after city officials can do further research. Citizens are also asked to address the Mayor, who presides over the meeting. 

Krieger said the procedure is similar to the practice followed by Ludington City Council.

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