Hospital taking safeguards against flu.

March 1, 2017

Hospital taking safeguards against flu. 


LUDINGTON — The upsurge in flu reported elsewhere has reached Mason County. Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital has seen an increase in confirmed influenza visits to the emergency department as well as admissions for flu. Area physician offices have also reported increased flu activity.

“To safeguard the health of our patients, visitors and staff we have instituted standard protocols for flu season and additional protective measures,” said Lisa Morrill, infection control director for the hospital. 

“All hospital staff have received flu shots, as we do each year,” Morrill explained. “Healthy visitor screening is being used for those entering the building. Clinical staff have instituted additional procedures to help minimize any spread within the hospital, such as isolation masks for those showing flu symptoms and other special precautions during procedures.”

“Other standard precautions that are important throughout the community are carefully covering your cough or sneeze, frequent hand washing, disposal of tissues after one use, and immediately washing your hands or using a sanitizer.

“It is important that people have flu shots every year.” Morrill emphasized, “because flu can be different every year. Flu vaccine cannot cause flu, and the 2016-2017 vaccine provides protection against the four main viruses that research indicates will cause the most illness this season: Two influenza A strains and two influenza B strains. If you haven’t had a shot, we urge you to do so immediately.”

 “We also emphasize that those showing symptoms of flu not come to the hospital unless for personal treatment,” Morrill said. “Flu is very contagious and easily spread through respiratory droplets from coughs and sneezes, or touching invisible droplets on surfaces. We advise everyone to stay home if you are sick to protect others from this potentially dangerous disease.”

The flu is a contagious respiratory illness caused by influenza viruses. It can cause mild to severe illness, and more severe cases can lead to hospitalizations and even death.

Most adults may be able to infect others beginning one day before symptoms are apparent and up to five to seven   days after becoming sick. Children may pass the virus for longer than seven days.

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