Scottville City Commission expected to increase water rates, but not sewer rates.

February 6, 2017

scottville water towerScottville City Commission expected to increase water rates, but not sewer rates.


SCOTTVILLE — The Scottville City Commission is expected to increase water rates 6.5% during its regular meeting today at city hall. The rate increase is due to an increase in rates from the City of Ludington, which sells water to Scottville. Ludington has not increased its residential rates in several years, but needed to increase rates due to a required upgrading of the water treatment plant.

Ludington is also increasing sewer rates it charges Scottville by 19%. However, Scottville City Manager Amy Williams said she is only recommending the city commission increase water rates at this time.

“We are having a rate study completed on our sewer this spring as part of the Stormwater Asset Management and Wastewater grant,” Williams said.

“We had a rate study on the water fund completed almost two years ago as part of the funding component for our water project that we did last summer/fall and that is what I used to calculate the rate increase needed at this time in the water fund noting that Ludington increased at 6.5% rather than what the study estimated at 5%.  Ludington is in the process of water and sewer plant upgrades so these increases are larger than what we’ve experienced in the past from them.  As its projects are ongoing and will span a few years I would expect similar increases over the next few years.”

The city commission meets at 5:30 p.m. at city hall, 105 N. Main Street.

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